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Expert Commercial and Residential Flooring Installations at Competitive Prices

More and more property owners are realising the value of investing in quality and durable flooring for their homes and businesses. Not only is it important for enjoying your property, but quality flooring also adds equity to the property. At Direct Impressions, we know what our clients want.

We have been offering commercial and residential flooring installations at the most competitive rates. We are proud of our long history of excellent service in this regard, and continue to lead the way forward in cutting edge innovation. Our team of seasoned and professional industry experts is always at hand to provide you with all the information you need to make a fully informed purchase decision.

Leading the Way Forward in Commercial and Residential Floor Installationses

You will be hard pressed to find expert services and products that are able to stand up against ours. We are proud of our long history of excellent service in the industry, and make our experience available to the benefit of our valued clients. We use the very latest and most cutting edge equipment and machinery to ensure that all our flooring installations are as unobtrusive and non-disruptive as possible on the households and businesses of our valued clients.

We are experienced in providing installation for the following types of flooring solutions:

  • Vinyl flooring;
  • Laminate flooring;
  • Underfloor heating;
  • Wall to wall carpets;

Skirting, to name a few.

Eclectic Team of Seasoned Professionals

Direct Impressions brings an eclectic team of industry experts to the marketplace. Our highly skilled team includes designers, waterproof experts and printers, who work together to provide our valued clients with an industry leading range of flooring services, options and solutions. Whether you need stone décors, classical wood or retro-coloured and trendy patterns, we are your number one choice.

Throughout the years, we have helped countless South African homeowners and businesses to find the best flooring for their properties’ needs. Let us use our lifetime of experience and expertise to help you enjoy the comfortable living and working space you deserve.

Contact Direct Impressions to learn more about our expert flooring services and solutions, and for all the advice you need to make a full informed purchase decision. We look forward to providing you with the best value for money and all the expert solutions that you have come to expect from us.

Providing you with the best quality service and advice